Private Pilot Training

Private Pilot training is accomplished in the Cessna 172 a proven airplane that has taught many pilots how to fly. Below is a general outline of the requirements that must be accomplished to earn a private pilot certificate.

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Private Pilot Eligibility:

Private Pilot Limitations:

Before you solo you will need to have:

Important Note: There is no minimum flight hour requirement for solo flight, but your solo flight privileges are at your flight instructors discretion.

Before the practical test you will need to:

40 Hour Flight Time Break Down

20 hours of flight training which includes:

10 hours of solo flight of which includes:

10 hours of any various combination of the above.

Important Note: While the regulations require a minimum of 40 hours of flight time, 50 to 70 hours is more likely. As with your solo flight it is up to you and your flight instructors discretion when you take the practical test.